Spiro® is the Aeolian chimney top that stands out for the quality and variety of raw materials involved, for the great process of realisation, and first of all for its functional characteristics.
The rotating system has an excellent anti-lock mechanic, composed by double oil immersed bearing in watertight chamber turned from solid. For this reason, the system turns out to be silent, efficient and durable in the years, a guarantee proved by the great satisfaction of our customers.

Spiro® is designed and realised respecting the international rules, and its assembly on the chimney involves various benefits:
- it improves the aspiration capacity, helping to solve the smoke draw problems;
- it avoids annoying returns of smoke;
- it prevents the entry of foreign objects, avoiding dangerous obstructions.

Spiro® thanks to the effective air aspiration developed, can be used for the ventilation of industrial spaces, warehouses, greenhouses, farms and damp and often closed buildings.

Spiro® for its work over time:
- does not require any maintenance;
- uses the natural force of ascending air currents and wind.

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