The double-wall flue ducts Perfetto® are essential for a fume exhaust system to work well.

They are characterized by three concentric shells in order to keep the temperature of the fumes as constant as possible, guaranteeing the good operation of the flue in negative pressure to keep the temperature of the fumes as constant as possible, thus guaranteeing the operation of the flue in depression:
- The first one, in direct contact with the fumes, constituted by an internal wall of 0,5 mm think in AISI 316L Stainless steel;
- The second one, intermediate, is made of insulating material of 25 mm thick able to guarantee a high level of thermal insulation.
- The third one, external, which functions as a coating realized in AISI 304 Stainless steel of 0,5 mm thick.
The particular welding procedure used called TIG, not only gives a better aesthetic appearance, but also even ensures a perfect longitudinal joints which avoid the alteration of the stainless steel’s crystalline structure.

The Perfetto® double-wall flue duct system is composed of a wide number of elements furnished with a double socket-spigot joint mechanism, which ensures a very safe and easy installation for any kind of project.

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